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BLACKPRINT EU is a virtual, interactive story-map that reflects the lives of Black Europeans, their communities and experiences. The project is intended to critique, inspire and pave the way for a better understanding of Europe from a Black intellectual perspective. Using mapping as a tool BLACKPRINT EU connects, preserves, and curates the “unsung and unseen” contributions of Black Europeans and fosters opportunities for exchange between each of these communities as well as between communities of varying ethnicities. In this sense, BLACKPRINT EU is a tool of empowerment. The goal is to have Black Europeans take ownership of their social realities, to address issues of intolerance and discrimination, as well as to reveal stories of success and triumph. BLACKPRINT EU is also an educational tool that will provide the larger European community with knowledge about their fellow citizens. By initially focusing on Berlin, Paris and London, the multi-lingual project is local, regional and national in scope and offers an overall view of the past, present, and future of these three Black metropolises. BEAN gathers data through collaborations with individuals as well as local community organizations such as your own. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us:

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